Toadstool Pincushion Felt Pattern, DIY Pincushion, Felt Mushroom, Woodland Toadstool, PDF Hand-Sewing Pattern/Tutorial

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Make your own Toadstool Pincushion in felt with the help of this digital sewing pattern.

Please read the description completely before you place an order. This item is a digital file, not a finished product. If you are not sure if this tutorial is for you feel free to contact us with all the questions you may have before you make a purchase. Thanks!

The finished toadstool measures approximately 4” tall by 3.5” wide (10.16 cm x 8.89 cm) and it stands by itself.

This pattern/tutorial comes as a PDF file (5.14 MB, 29 pages) with all the instructions and templates needed to work this design. You will also receive a second PDF file (1.25 MB, 11 pages) with basic information and a stitching guide.

You are getting:

1. General information and tips to make your work easier and more efficient
2. Basic stitching guide
3. Instructions about how to prepare the patterns
4. Instructions about how to prepare the felt pieces
5. List of materials and tools
6. Detailed instructions that will take you step-by-step through the handcrafting process from start to finish
7. More than 80 images to make each step easy to follow and understand.
8. Patterns ready to print

Some of the materials and tools required for this project are: felt, embroidery floss, stuffing material, scissors, sewing needles, pins, a pebble, plastic canvas etc.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate, you will need sewing and embroidery skills.

Stitches used for this project are: French knots, blanket stitches, back stitches, running stitches, whip stitches, appliqué stitches, straight stitches and ladder stitches (all of them are explained in the stitching guide).

Language: English

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*You can sell the pieces you make with this tutorial as long as you do it through a small scale business. Mass producing this design is expressly prohibited.
*Please give design credit to Casa Magubako in your listing descriptions when selling the pieces you made with this tutorial.
*You can not take credit for this design even if you modify it.
*You can not copy, share, resell or distribute in any way this tutorial or any parts of it. All text, pictures and illustrations are exclusive property of Casa Magubako

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